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“We aren’t meant to be comfortable all the time. Achieving difficult things comes from understanding our relationship with the things that get in our way and then moving through them. I've lived my dreams but knew there was something I was missing along the way. My life now is dedicated to helping others find freedom in their mind and body while in pursuit of living their dreams."

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Games are won and lost between the moments. Between the moments, something takes place first in the athlete’s mind. Is it focus, confidence, and commitment? Or is it doubt, fear, and hesitation? Our minds can be our best friend and our worst enemy. The crux for athletes is thinking when they need to act. My job as a coach is to help move from overthinking about what happened before or what might happen in the future and focus on the right things at the right time. 

WHat They say about Adam
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Working with Adam has been a game changer for the growth of my personal life as well as my company. His organic approach and ability to translate very deep psychological concepts into simple and actionable steps have allowed me and my team to live and compete in the present. Being able to sustain this through his work has optimized my performance. His skill to listen is high and desire to teach is a combination unmatched and serves anyone looking to improve their performance.

Harvey Martin
CEO/Founder Mindstrong Project

Adam really helped me gain the confidence i needed to perform at my highest capability on the field. Having Adam around as someone not only to trust but also to have push me to be the best I could be has allowed me to flourish as an athlete on and off the field. 

Annika Dogger
Starting Fullback Furman Soccer

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Justus Sheffield
Starting Pitcher, Seattle Mariners
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