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Understanding Human Performance

The pinnacle of human performance lies at the center of understanding how our mindset (mind), physiology (body), and our relationship with the environment (nature) shapes our experience. As humans, each of these has a direct impact our ability to execute tasks at a consistently high level. Understanding how we are as humans and who you are as an individual is the key to achieving your goals. 



Our mind listens to what our bodies prepare it for. If you are in stressful environments, then you have to understand how you adapt to stress. We can train that stress response through our understanding of breath. 


Our bodies (nervous system) are constantly looking out for our own well being. When we see the ice, its natural to try and avoid it but we cant always avoid stressful situations in life. So when we put ourselves in stressful situations or when they happen unexpectedly, breath can help tell our minds a different story. The only controllable of the nervous system is our breath. Read that again.


The eyes are the only part of our brain that is outside of our skulls. They directly effect how our nervous system reacts. If we see something safe, then our breath responds with a calm breath. Opposite is true when we see danger. I will teach you how to use your breath and vision together so you can create a response that is in alignment with your training. 

Stress Exposure Training

Your ability to control your response requires a willingness to expose yourself to stress throughout your training. Doing so enhances your awareness and provides opportunities to train a controlled response. At Circle Change, we do this through heat and ice training. 

How you respond to an Ice tub or 180 degree sauna heat will tell you exactly you respond to stressful situations. When you get in the ice, is the first thought "get out?" Is that the same thought you have when things get tough? Training the response through environmental stressors like heat and ice can help us create better patterns of thought for the times that matter most.  

Coaching MLB All-Star outfielder, Mitch Haniger, on how to use an ice bath to train his breath.

Breath as the Foundation


Body leads the mind.

When we understand that how we breathe, sleep, and eat directly effect our ability to perform at our highest level, then we can make better choices that will impact our lives positively. 

Nervous System

How we respond is directly related to the state of our nervous system. If we are over stressed, sleep deprived, and breathing poorly then our reactions will be poor. When we've trained our breath to have a calm focus under stress, then our responses will feel clear in our mind. 

Calm in the Storm....




Panicked in the Storm....







Nature is what puts us in the moment. 

The first aspect of change and understanding who we are in difficult situations is awareness. Awareness is found when we can reconnect with what brings us alignment within ourselves. Athletes relate to their physicality first so, through nature (being outside, breathing, senses) we can create a mindset that is consistent through any situation.

Being in nature reveals our inherent tendencies and habits. When we can understand those patters of thought and behavior, we can understand what is productive as well as what needs to be adapted to meet the needs of the environment we are in. Nature demonstrates how we are, we choose who we are. 

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