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Adam Bernero - From 3 Million Dollars to Lost Soul

Adam tells his story of how he went from bright future to lost soul and how that ultimately led to a career of helping others live their mission.

EPISODes 2&3

Jimmy Van Ostrand - When the opportunity presents itself, you don’t have time to prepare

“VO” is the Major League mental skills for the Toronto Blue Jays. We talk about his path to finding the career he was built for and being ready for the moments that present themselves.


A human performance podcast where the guests tell their story of change in one episode and we talk about that story in the following episode.

Episode 4&5

Harvey Martin - Founder and CEO of the Mindstrong Project. 

Harvey drops dimes everywhere in this conversation. He has uniquely put his knowledge and passion together in a way thats changing lives across sports and people that wish to understand themselves better. 

Episode 6&7

Paddy Steinfort - Mental Skills Coach (NBA, NFL, MLB and the list goes on

Australian accents, the goal of getting fat, and learning from the great coaches of our past. 

Episode 8

Three First Rounders, One Podcast (Burning with Bern #1)

Logan Gilbert, George Kirby, Emerson Hancock

The price of admission and the price of greatness. Separators of todays game and what their vision is for themselves.

Episode 9

Dax Messett & Jonny Hazlett - Best Fly Fishermen in the world

What drives us when"the best" isn't possible? Dax and Jonny are world traveled fly fishing guides. They are highly sought after guides because of their knowledge and teaching skills but to little acclaim outside the fishing world. We talk about purpose and coaching in a completely different format. 

Episode 10&11

Hugh Quattlebaum - Organizational Director of Hitting

Hugh is one of the most genuine and funny human beings Ive been around. He is also brilliant with what he does in the baseball world. I think all of that comes through in the podcast. Enjoy!

Episode 12&13

Justus Sheffield - Starting Pitcher, Seattle Mariners

Justus has one of the best outlooks on his career you can find. However, it didnt come easy and in this podcast you can hear how his path has been one of experience, learning, and reflection. 

Episode 14

Edie Shreckengast MS, CSSD, CDE, RDN, CD - Sports Dietician

This conversation with Edie was very helpful in my own understanding of how athletes can make some simple adjustments and routines in how/when to eat for recovery and preparation. If you are like me, you'll need to take notes because there are so many quality pieces of info in what she says. 

Episode 15

Andy McKay - Seattle Mariners Director of Player Development 

The choices we make as humans and why that’s where our power is. Trying to overcome our DNA by having real intent and purpose or we will be constrained by comfort and normalcy. “The Drift” away from our purpose and why we need an anchor.


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